Christine Brisley

Christine Brisley is an internationally known artist who has
been exhibiting her art since the age of 15 and was one of
the first Europeans to be invited to attend the Nam Yang
Academy of Fine Art in Singapore. This early exposure to
Oriental culture can still be seen in her watercolors today.
Since then she has had over
60 one-woman exhibitions in
England, America, Cyprus, Singapore and the Channel
Islands and has shown her art in numerous galleries
including the famous Grosvenor Park Gallery in Mayfair,
London and the Spencer Coleman Galleries throughout
England. She has also owned and operated f
ive of her own
in Lincolnshire and Essex. Christine’s art is very
eclectic in style as she enjoys working with oils, acrylics,
watercolors and pastels and paints fine art and modern art
with equal exuberance. This diversity of contrasting styles
caused one art critic from a Seattle magazine to exclaim at
her Bellingham, Washington exhibition, “one artist painted
all of this!” It is through this diversity that Christine’s ever
expanding and questing imagination is allowed the freedom
she needs to find true expression. Though she prefers
working “En Plein Air” or in her studio, she has also been
seen painting in businesses, homes, airports, cars, hotels or
whenever and wherever the Spirit moves her. She has
traveled extensively worldwide and her love for art and the
images she paints are reflected in the warmth and beauty of
her paintings. She has also authored and illustrated the
books “Inner Visions” and “Expressions” and is currently
working on her third book, “Living in Trust.” Christine has
been moved to paint numerous subjects throughout the
world, from Monet’s garden in France to Aphrodite’s Rock in
Cyprus, from the Canadian Rockies to the Southwest desert,
all are uniquely beautiful to her artistic eye. She now
resides i
n Georgetown, Texas and will continue to bring to
life through her art the beauty she sees all around her.
Christine can be reached via her email at
or call her at (512) 963 7032